How to reach your physical goals?

Wondering how to maintain an exercise program when you have a busy schedule? Here are some tips on how to achieve your goals.

Building effective routines is all about organisation. By following these tips, you’ll give yourself the best chance of working out consistently and getting the results you want.


Start by setting achievable/realistic goals and planning your workouts


Despite our various obligations, be they professional, family or social, it is important to clear our minds, especially through sport. Planning your week with training sessions taking into account these constraints is therefore a real balancing act, even for the most athletic among you.

Try to look ahead to the week ahead and plan a time of day when you can train. Most people tend to be over-ambitious and plan training sessions that they cannot keep. It is therefore better to stick to 20-25 min slots each day rather than scheduling large sessions lasting more than an hour.

As well as being good for your mental health, ‘short’ workouts make it easier to fit them into your daily routine. So if you don’t manage to work out one day, you won’t feel short-changed.

Using the MB coaching application, our coaches take into account your working rhythm and lifestyle in order to plan tailor-made sessions for you.

It is therefore important to :

  • Prepare yourself physically and mentally before a session (preferably the day before)
  • Adapt when you miss a training session
  • Surround yourself with friends to motivate each other