Anti Slip – Grippy Athletic Socks – Medium – MB FIT

These socks will considerably reduce the friction of your feet during your sport and prevent blisters on your feet.
Due to its exceptional breathability and transpiration, our socks ensure great comfort for your feet even after intense outdoor exercise.

Suitable for daily wear at home and outdoor sports such as hiking, running, skating, climbing, camping, traveling, tennis and more.

One size: 37 to 46EU (5.5 to 11UK)
Product includes: 1 pair of socks

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The rubber pads under the MB FIT non-slip socks will increase the friction between the sole and the socks. These nylon blend socks offer excellent comfort and support for the arch and ankle. MB FIT socks are comfortable and make it safer for you to move while exercising.

MB FIT non-slip socks use a high percentage of cotton to ensure ankle support, providing extra comfort and cushioning for the feet. The breathable mesh design on the instep keeps feet dry and breathable.

High elasticity
MB FIT socks have a high elasticity and adapt to your foot size from 37 to 46EU (5.5 to 11UK). No matter what your age, gender or sporting status, these socks are made for you. Whether it’s football, running, tennis, hiking or other high-intensity activities…

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