Protein Powder M Build – Chocolate – MB Nutrition


750g jar
Chocolate flavour
Muscle development
Stimulates fat oxidation (L-carnitine and green tea)
Shape and tone
Protein intake
Optimal recovery
Directions for use : 30g in 300mL of water 30 minutes before the session or as a snack

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M Build is a multi-action protein based on Whey, green tea, carnitine and minerals:
– Fat burner: green tea stimulates fat oxidation
– Toning action: vitamin B5, helps to reduce your level of fatigue
– Mass gain: the protein helps to increase your muscle mass

ANTI-DOPING: Product complies with anti-doping regulations, complies with AFNOR NF V94-001 standard (at the date of manufacture of the batch)

M BUILD is a protein formulated from quality cow’s milk which allows for very good assimilation and therefore better digestibility. It is enriched with L-carnitine, minerals, vitamin B5 and green tea which stimulates fat oxidation.
M BUILD has a low sugar content and provides 116 kcal per 30 g portion.

DIRECTIONS: Take 1 scoop of 30g as a snack at 10am and 4pm.
To prepare the drink: 1 level spoon = 30g. Add 1 scoop of 30g to 150 to 200 ml of cold water. Mix energetically and enjoy.

PRECAUTIONS FOR USE: Follow the instructions for use. Keep out of reach of young children. Use as part of a healthy lifestyle. Close the jar tightly between uses. Store away from moisture, light and heat. Not recommended for children or pregnant women.

INGREDIENTS: Whey protein concentrate (milk); milk protein; hydrolysed wheat protein (gluten); flavour masking: glycine; lysine HCL; inulin; flavour (emulsifier: soya lecithin); L-carnitine tartrate; green tea extract; sweetener: sucralose; vitamin B5; chromium picolinate. Produced in a workshop that uses soya and eggs.

Nutritional values for a 30g dose: Energy: 489kJ/116kcal (5.8% AR) Fat: 1.29g (1.8% AR) of which saturated fatty acids: 0.8g (4% AR) Carbohydrates: 2.5g (1% AR) of which sugars: 1.4g (0. Protein: 23.8g (47.6% RA) Salt: 0.08g (1.3% RA) Green tea extract: 90mg L-carnitine: 111mg Calcium: 276mg (34.5% RA) Potassium: 83.4mg (4.2% RA) Phosphorus: 51mg (7.3% RA) Vitamin B5: 1mg (16.7% RA)
RA: Reference Intake for a typical adult (8400kJ/2000Kcal).

Aspartic acid 5876 mg
Glutamic acid 12926 mg
Serine mg 3408
Glycine 1450mg
Istidine 1370mg
Arginine 2288mg
hreonine 3581mg
Alanine 2600mg
Proline 4623mg
Tyrosine 2378mg
Methionine 1229mg
Cystine 1206mg
Phenylalanine 2551mg
Lysine 4954mg
Tryptophan 764mg
Leucine 6021mg
Isoleucine 3260mg
Valine 3445mg
Total BCAA 12726mg

High protein snack mix1 with sweetener with an energy value of 116 kcal per 30g dose, chocolate flavour, with green tea, L-carnitine, vitamin B5 and minerals. Contains caffeine, not recommended for children or pregnant women (7.5 mg / 30 g).

1Rich in protein.

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